Oh hi there!

Have some questions? Maybe we can answer them here:

Q. My order is a gift, can you take off any prices and not include them in my package?

A. YES! We only include a gift receipt in all packages stating what was purchased and no mention of prices all good.

Q. Can you gift wrap my order or write a personal note?

A. NO I am so sorry lovely we aren't able to include a hand written note or gift wrap your order.

Q. OMG I need to change my order I accidentally ordered the wrong item!!

A. There is a chance we can change your order if it hasn't already been shipped out. BUT majority of orders are sent out immediately after you place your order and can't be changed. Please don't DM on Instagram any customer service questions as they can easily be missed. Email us straight away at orders@bondibeachbaby.com 

Q. Where is my order!? It says 'in transit' but still nothing.

A. I know how annoying this can be with the current corona related postal delays!! Have another look at your tracking and if things are still in transit it just means Australia Post or your local country post is taking a bit longer than usual.

Q. I have a shop/online store and would love to wholesale Bondi Beach Baby!

A. Congratulations on your store! Unfortunately we do not wholesale Bondi Beach Baby. The only place to buy our products is www.bondibeachbaby.com