Chaos With a Side of Chic

Over the years I have worked with a some amazing mums and Influencers from around the world who have created incredible online brands through their Instagram profiles. The one thing I have really noticed that creates an authentic following is to embrace who you are online. Instagram has become a way of really exploring and expressing your identity, and as mums we love relating to one another, the highs, the lows and the mess of it all.

@rachelle.rowlings is the Insta Mum we all love and all want to be. She is beautiful, honest, talented and not afraid to share her #mumlife struggles in Balenciaga and baby vomit with her followers!

I had a chat with my dear friend Rachelle to get an idea what it's really like to be an OG authentic Insta Mum. I have watched her expand her family and wardrobe over the years, and in my eyes she will always embody what it means to have style, and a solid online brand with maybe a little bit of spag bowl on your shirt at the same time. 

BBB: Lovely Rachelle your photos and words are always so beautiful and honest. How do you manage to stay so authentic on Instagram?
Rachelle: It’s funny because every so often I receive a message questioning how my photos don’t match my captions! For me it was always about showing that anyone can look ‘polished’ for a photo but there’s so much going on behind the scenes! That 1% of my day in that photo is my creative outlet where I can get dressed up and feel I have achieved something for myself! The caption is the reality of it! I want mums to feel like they’re never alone! That they’re not the only ones going through this! It’s hard for everyone! Some people are better at hiding it! 
BBB: How would you define your personal brand?

Rachelle: Chaos with a side of chic! (I hope).

BBB: What do you think is the key to a good instagram post?

Rachelle: There are so many different people out there who offer something so authentic to themselves and their audience! A good post is what is true to you and your current reality! 

BBB: So Rachelle, you have been in the insta game for a few years now, what has changed the most about your experience online?

Rachelle: Trying to get 2 toddlers to pose for a photo! 

BBB: What do you think it takes to become a successful mum influencer?

Rachelle: honesty 

BBB: What advice would you give other mothers who might be thinking about building their online brand?

Rachelle: I never got into this for anything other than trying to keep my head above water! There was only so many rants I could subject my husband to! I felt alone and this offered me an audience of kindred spirits! I will never change what I am about and whoever wants to follow the journey I am grateful for! I hope I can help in some tiny way! 
You can see and read more of Rachelle's epic post at @rachelle.rowlings


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