So what is a mumtrepreneur?

#mumtrepreneurI knew from the start of Bondi Beach Baby the #mumtrepreneur life was for me. Owning my own business allowed me to be creative and hard working, whilst being home every day to put my baby girl down for her nap. 

I am interested to hear what inspires other mums, and how they balance babies and business. I look forward to learning more about their highlights and challenges of being a mum and a business woman. 

#mumtrepreneur is a place for us to explore the journey, the excitement and achievements of mums who have also carved out a piece of themselves and a side hussle.

In todays world you can be a boss, a housewife, a business woman, whatever you want to be. No one has to pigeon hole you any more into just one role. The strength you gain from childbirth and raising children gives you the capability to go out there and become the woman you have always aspired to become.
Be proud of who you are. If that’s the queen of snacks, or the CEO of your own company, it’s all valid, it’s all challenging and it's an achievement just getting through the day.
It’s not easy mummas, but together we can do this!

Love Teena xx

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